Top 20 Interview Questions asked to Business Analysts

Are you going for a Business Analyst interview and feeling nervous because you are not sure which interview questions could be asked?

Below are the top 20 Interview Question asked to Business Analyst:

1. Tell me about yourself.(Basic common interview question but as a business analyst show confident)
2. What kind of documents have you created in your previous organization? (Name only documents which you have prepared and have knowledge on. Interviewer may ask further questions based on your answer.)
3. What is UML? (Common diagrams – Use case and process flow diagram)
4. What do you know about GAP Analysis? (Research what is GAP analysis? Why do we need GAP analysis? Template of GAP analysis?)
5. How do you deal with difficult stakeholders? (Answer with some examples, you can explain some scenarios in your past organization)

6. What will you miss most about your current job? (Answer honestly because interviewer will ask further question based on your answers)
7. Tell me about your typical approach to a project. (Answer with some examples)
8. When are you done with requirement gathering? (Mention each phase of requirement gathering process)
9. What are the key strengths of a business analyst?
10. Have you worked with any Business Intelligence tool? If Yes then name it. (It’s better if business analyst has worked with any analytical tool.)
11. How do you handle changes to requirements? (Most common question but answer wisely and explain all trick you use.)
12. What is the difference between a functional requirement and a Technical (NonFunctional) requirement? (You know it better if you are going for Business Analyst interview :-))
13. What is the purpose of requirements traceability?
14. Describe a time when you had to win a difficult stakeholder over to accept the project change that will affect his/her department. How did you do it? (Explain with scenario in your previous organization)
15. Which techniques do you use to gather requirements smartly? (Explain standard techniques used by business analysts with some example i.e. “how it worked in very difficult project” and you can also explain technique which you have discovered.)
16. How do you manage multiple projects? (Answer with some example)
17. Explain Role of a Business Analyst. (Research on this and answer with patience and example.)
18. Questions on Domain knowledge? (It’s very important because business analyst should be strong in domain knowledge, therefore, study well even you are already working in that domain. You can negotiate your offer based on your domain knowledge.)
19. Questions on SDLC. (You should have basic knowledge of Waterfall and Agile)
20. Do you have any question for me? (As a business analyst, you should ask many questions but it should be related to topic J . You can show your talent in asking question in this part.)

Remember, always answer with patience and never hurry and answer loudly. Study your domain well, before attending interviews and always explain your answers with examples because the interviewer will judge your skills based on your way of answering and explaining.